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Finished installing carbs last night and cranked her up and she purrs like a kitten! Adjusted the idle and she sounds real good. You did a fantastic job and I thank you. I still need to put some new tires on her to be road ready but I expect I'll have her on the road real soon.
Dale Foreman

Mike, just put 'em on [CBX] and the bike purrs like a kitten! Fantastic! Had some help over to assist with throttle sync and we just said, "what for?". It sounds beautiful! Thanks!
Paul Fedewa, CA

Steven Anderson, Iowa

Mike, I have been using the carbs for a couple of weeks now, they are great! The instructions you sent were very helpful, especially using the heat gun. I was able to put the carbs on myself. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Jim Peterson, Minnesota

Had someone help me put them [CBX] on, and Mike! I can't believe how sweet the bike sounds! Takes throttle immediately! Awesome! Thank you!
Mark D'Ambrosio, CA

Mike, I got everything buttoned up with fresh fuel and all I can say is this bike has never ran this well! It started almost immediately after letting the carbs fill with fuel and all I did was raise the idle after everything warmed up. I used to have some of the early CBX clutch rattle and it is almost completely gone. This is a 10,000 mile all original bike and it runs like it looks after your magic on the carbs. I could not be happier!
Craig Buness

Carbs are perfect!!! If you need a reference, you got it.
Al Kurosu

The carbs ran great all summer!!
Don Post

Mike -- Choke on, fuel, key on, starter, and ... it runs great! Warmed up and set the idle. Sounds awesome and great throttle response. Thank you again!
Jordan Ranum

I just unpacked them [rebuilt cbx carburetors] and they are amazing!
Al Foitag

Your work on my bike's carbs was superb. It really did run as well as a new bike. Fired right up and runs great. Clean and smooth from idle. Good low end. Didn't take her over about 4500, but I am sure it pulls cleanly to redline (not that this bike sees that very much). The carburation was flawless. I just wanted to ride it forever. The combination of using your manual for adjusting the valves and your work on the carbs transformed my CBX.
Gary Dunham

Then the work is complete with new carbs installed on bike. I had a trip on the bike on wednsday for a few miles, and i run like a swiss watch....
Terje Almedal

Hope this email finds you great cheers! We Just installed the carbs and put everything back together... Have attached a video of the bike fired up... Sounds fantastic , and rides as smooth as silk! The bike is running beautifullyz, Every one that saw the carbs before and after are stunned!
Prashanth Ravi

My CBX runs smoother than my Casio digital watch! Better now than the whole time the bike has been mine!
Ray Fitzpatrick
"Fasterspider" on the CBXWorld forum

Mike Nixon is the guy to go to. He just got fasterspider's [Ray's] carbs dialed sooooooooo bitchen it sounds and runs smoother than a brand new bike did from Honda 30 years ago. He's not cheap on overhaul prices but his work speaks for itself. Ray, that thing runs like it has EFI on it!
Mark Miller
From CBXWorld forum

Mike, the carbs work really well, and I still haven't synced them! Bike is very smooth as-is with your bench sync, as you and others said it would be. The starting is pretty amazing. Petcock on, choke on full, twist the throttle a half turn and release, TOUCH the starter and it LEAPS to life. Starts from stone cold in less than two seconds.
Nils Menten

Thank You for excellent service! Best regards.
Aage Henriksen

Mike, just a note of thanks. After putting up with a bad idle and poor performance I shipped my carbs off to you for rebuild, hoping this would be make a difference, and did it ever! After I received my carbs, cables all connected and sealed in plastic, I reinstalled them on my 79 CBX, hit the starter button, and she fired right up and idled like never before. After adjusting the idle speed I hit the road and the difference was unbelieveable! The bike pulled hard through the gears, and at a stop light came right down to a smooth idle. I also appreciated the update emails with pictures as you went through the rebuild. Thanks again!
Garry Lieser

I think you have the carbs right on the money as the engine is very smooth and when I twist the throttle the response is ³right now.² You did a great job on the carbs as the engine purrs like a kitten. It starts easily, idles fine, accelerates great and returns to idle immediately. I took it for a short ride and it runs great. Thanks again for all your help.
Rich Reed

Never got back to you to tell you what a nice job the carbs turned out to be. Ran well right out of the box. By all means you can put my comments on your webpage. For me your carb service was the only way to go. Spending hundreds on a mechanic to fiddle around the edges of a carb problem instead of renewing the carbs once and for all is the choice. I chose right.
Rich Russell

Thanks for the amazing job on the carbs, it's like a brand new bike [CBX]! It starts instantly, idles and runs like a SWISS WATCH! Turbine smooth with not a burp or bump....a smooth idle, instant throttle response and silky throughout! Absolutely nothing more I could ask for, smooth, quiet, no hesitations in any situation. Nice work!
John DeMaria

Today I bolted on my CBX carbs and the bike fired up instantly and ran perfect. After only a few seconds I was able to release the choke and the engine settled into a smooth idle. What a relief to finally hear that beautiful six cylinder exhaust note after so many disappointments! Thanks again for all your help.
Paul Wilcox

This morning, I balanced the carbs and took the bike out for about two hours. Cold ride, but exhilarating nonetheless. The engine was transformed with the new carbs. Started immediately, and the choke was very smooth and linear. The engine lost all the chain noises, and was as smooth as it could possibly be. I live in the mountains--going uphill before the rebuild, the engine was struggling at lower RPMs. Now it surges smoothly ahead with a slight flick of the wrist. Downhill, the engine used to pop and backfire. Now it burbles happily and smoothly. On the flats, the engine now has an almost turbine whine--like a huge electric motor making a very pleasant whirring sound, along with the exhaust note. I believe it's the best it can be--the outcome of following your advice, and utilizing your services. I'm very pleased. I do feel sorry for all those souls who never rode a properly running CBX. I was one of them until today.
Leon Summers, CA

After fitting and priming the carbs you rebuilt for Jeff Ellmore, his high-mileage 1047cc engine fired in less than a second and had no problems in 600 miles. The bike runs great except (as you predicted) for some richness when on the needle. I plan to fit better needles over the winter.
Dealer Comment

I received them [the carburetors] and everything looks great. I followed your advice and lubed the rubber manifolds (or cuffs) with a little Vaseline, heated them with the heat gun, and the carbs went in so smoothly I thought I had completely missed the mark. Shortcuts like that can only come from experience. I got a sealed AGM battery and fired it up. I used a small fuel tank, saved from a discarded lawn mover, with Sta-bil in the fuel to fire it up. It doesn't just idle beautifully, it absolutely purrs! Thanks for all your help!
Mike Owens, IL

After fitting and priming the carbs you rebuilt for Duane Williams, his new 1147cc engine fired in less than a second and had no problems in 700 miles. Mark Miller just performed the first engine service. He reported the carb sync was right on the money and the idle mixture was rich by approximately one-half turn.
Dealer Comment

Mike, the sync went well once I located the adjustor. The engine is running as smooth as any I have seen run; most of them were new at the time. When I did the valve adjustment your book was so well written it made it simple.
Alan Allman, TX

Mike, the bike runs on all 6 beautifully. You really know your stuff. I have been waiting for the day when I could ride the bike in proper running order.
Brian Pravica

Just wanted to let you know the X is still running great. Even when it sits for a couple of weeks it always starts right up and runs smooth as silk. Your work took my appreciation for the CBX to another level. Many thanks for your great work and great advice on the CBX World and ICOA sites.
Morris Gaskins

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